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Discover Convenience: Secure Parking’s New Location at 633 S 2nd Lot in Milwaukee

Discover Convenience: Secure Parking’s New Location at 633 S 2nd Lot in Milwaukee

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Secure Parking family – our brand-new location at 633 S 2nd Lot in Milwaukee! As we continue to expand our presence, we’re excited to bring even more convenience to your parking experience.

Location Highlights:

Situated in the heart of Milwaukee, our 633 S 2nd Lot offers proximity to some fantastic attractions, making it the ideal choice for your parking needs.

Adventure Rock WKP:

If you’re an adventure enthusiast or a climbing aficionado, Adventure Rock WKP is just a stone’s throw away. Secure Parking ensures that your journey begins and ends with ease, allowing you to focus on scaling new heights.

Fixture Pizza Pub:

After an exhilarating climb or a day exploring Milwaukee, satisfy your cravings at Fixture Pizza Pub. Our nearby parking facility makes it convenient for you to indulge in delicious bites without the worry of parking woes.

Prime Walker’s Point Access:

Being centrally located, our new lot provides quick and easy access to Walker’s Point. Whether it’s shopping, dining, or entertainment, you’re just moments away from the city’s vibrant offerings.

Why Choose Secure Parking at 633 S 2nd Lot?

🚗 Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Our commitment to convenience means you can focus on enjoying your time rather than searching for parking. The 633 S 2nd Lot is designed to streamline your parking experience.

🅿️ Secure-A-Spot App:

With our user-friendly Secure-A-Spot app, reserving your parking space is just a few taps away. Plan your visit, secure your spot, and embrace stress-free parking.

🌐 Expanded Network:

This new addition strengthens our commitment to providing a reliable and extensive parking network. Wherever you go, Secure Parking is here to make your journey smoother.

Discover the ease of parking with Secure Parking at our new location – because convenience should be a part of every adventure!

Stay tuned for more updates, and we can’t wait to welcome you at 633 S 2nd Lot in Milwaukee.

Secure Your Perfect Valentine’s Day with Advance Parking Reservations

Secure Your Perfect Valentine’s Day with Advance Parking Reservations

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the air is filled with love, excitement, and the promise of a memorable evening with your special someone. However, anyone who has experienced the last-minute stress of finding parking knows it can quickly turn a romantic night into a terrible nightmare. Don’t worry! Secure Parking USA is here to ensure your Valentine’s Day is nothing short of perfect.

The Pitfalls of Procrastination:
Waiting until the last minute to secure parking can lead to unnecessary stress and potential setbacks. The search for a parking spot in a crowded city, circling blocks, and the anxiety of being late can easily disrupt the romantic ambiance you’ve planned.

The Solution – Advance Parking Reservations with Secure Parking USA:
This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of stress-free parking by booking your spot in advance with Secure Parking USA.

Why Book Ahead?

1. Seamless Start to Your Evening of Love:
Imagine arriving at your destination without the hassle of searching for parking. With advance reservations, your evening begins seamlessly, allowing you to focus on each other.

2. Avoid Last-Minute Surprises:
No one likes the surprise of not finding a parking spot. By booking in advance, you eliminate the uncertainty and guarantee a designated space, ensuring a smooth start to your night.

3. Tailored to Your Plans:
Whether you’re heading to a romantic restaurant, attending a special event, or enjoying a cozy night out, Secure Parking USA offers advance reservations tailored to your specific Valentine’s Day plans.

4. Focus on Romance, Not Parking Woes:
Valentine’s Day is about creating beautiful moments with your partner. By securing your parking in advance, you can ensure that your focus remains on each other, not on parking frustrations.

How to Reserve Your Spot:

  • Visit our website at [Secure Parking USA Website].
  • Select your desired location.
  • Choose the date and time for Valentine’s Day.
  • Complete your reservation and receive a confirmation.

This Valentine’s Day, let love take center stage, not parking stress. Secure Parking USA is your trusted partner in ensuring a flawless evening with the one you adore. Reserve your parking in advance and unlock the magic of a truly romantic Valentine’s Day!

New Year, New Flexibility: Elevate Your Parking Experience with Secure Parking USA



New Year, New Flexibility: Elevate Your Parking Experience with Secure Parking USA

As we welcome 2024, it’s the perfect time to embrace change and set resolutions that add ease and flexibility to our lives. The resolution you should work towards this year is to use Secure Parking USA’s Flex Parking option.

Flex Parking: Best Solution For Hybrid Workers

Flex Parking with Secure Parking USA is all about versatility without sacrificing security. No longer bound by monthly commitments, you have the power to park on your terms. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

1. No Strings Attached:
With Flex Parking, there’s no need to commit to a monthly plan. Park when you need to without the worry of paying for time you won’t use. It’s the ultimate in parking freedom. There are multiple plans that cater to you and how often you need to park.

2. Easy Online Booking:
No more struggling to find a parking spot ever again! Secure Parking USA offers online booking via our Secure-A-Spot App or website. Convenience at your fingertips.

3. Cost-Effective
Save money by paying only for the parking you use. With Flex Parking, you avoid fixed monthly fees, making it a cost-effective solution for individuals with varying parking needs.

New Year, New Parking Experience
As we usher in the new year, why not embrace a parking solution that adapts to your needs? Secure Parking USA’s Flex Parking is the key to stress-free parking in 2023. Whether you’re exploring the city, attending events, or simply running errands, Flex Parking ensures you have a secure spot waiting for you.

How to Get Started:

  • Visit our website at www.secureparkingusa.com.
  • Select Flex Parking.
  • Choose your preferred location and duration.
  • Experience stress-free parking on your terms.


  • Call us at (414) 847-5723
  • Ask about Flex Parking!

This new year, make a resolution to simplify your life, starting with how you park. Secure Parking USA’s Flex Parking is here to revolutionize your parking experience—flexible, secure, and tailored to your lifestyle. Say goodbye to parking woes and hello to a year of hassle-free parking.

Here’s to a new year, new possibilities, and a new way to park with Flex Parking from Secure Parking USA! ????????️

Secure Parking USA Expands Horizons: Welcoming Seattle’s 7th & James Garage!

Secure Parking USA Expands Horizons: Welcoming Seattle’s 7th & James Garage!

Exciting news is on the horizon as Secure Parking USA proudly announces its expansion into the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington! As we continue to redefine parking convenience, accessibility, and security, our latest addition, the 7th & James Garage, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to serving you better.

Unveiling 7th & James Garage:

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, the 7th & James Garage promises a revolutionary parking experience. Whether you’re exploring the iconic landmarks, enjoying the city’s cultural offerings, or attending business meetings downtown, our new site is strategically located to cater to your parking needs.

How to Experience 7th & James Garage:

  • Visit our website at www.secureparkingusa.com.
  • Explore the details of the 7th & James Garage location.
  • Reserve your parking spot in advance for a seamless parking experience in the heart of Seattle.

Your Parking Experience, Elevated:

With the addition of the 7th & James Garage in Seattle, Secure Parking USA is not just providing parking; we’re enhancing your overall experience. Discover the difference of stress-free, secure parking as you explore all that Seattle has to offer.

Seattle, get ready to redefine your parking experience! Secure Parking USA is here, not just with a new site, but in an entirely new city. Welcome to the 7th & James Garage—where convenience meets security, and your parking experience is our priority.

Here’s to hassle-free parking in the heart of Seattle! ????️????️

Winter 2024 Promotion



Embrace Winter with This Special Winter Promotion!

Winter is upon us, and as the temperatures drop, Secure Parking USA is turning up the warmth with an exclusive winter promotion designed to make your parking experience even cozier.

We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic offer: 15% off on Monthly Parking! Join us as we unwrap the details of this promotion and explore the benefits of securing your parking spot during the chilly winter months.

What are the benefits of Monthly Parking & Our Winter Promotion?

1. Savings to Melt Your Winter Blues Away:
Imagine enjoying the convenience of secure parking while saving on your monthly expenses. Our Winter Promotion brings you a 15% discount on Monthly Parking, allowing you to experience winter comfort without breaking the bank.

2. 24/7 Access, Whatever the Weather:
Winter weather can be unpredictable, but your parking experience doesn’t have to be. With Monthly Parking at Secure Parking USA, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed spot, eliminating the stress of searching for parking in snow or rain.

3. Flexibility for Winter Wanderers:
Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring winter festivities, or simply enjoying the season; Monthly Parking with Secure Parking USA provides flexibility tailored to your winter plans. No need to worry about hourly rates or rushing back to feed the meter—your parking spot is secure for the entire month.

4. Convenient Payment for Busy Winter Workers: Monthly parking subscriptions often come with hassle-free automatic payment options. This eliminates the need for daily transactions and ensures seamless and convenient billing for your parking needs.

5. Security and Peace of Mind: Monthly parking subscribers benefit from the added security of a reserved space, reducing the risk of damage or theft. It provides peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is parked in a monitored and secure environment.

This winter, let Secure Parking USA be your partner and provide you with warmth and convenience. Embrace the season with the assurance of a secure parking spot at an unbeatable price. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer to make your winter parking experience delightful and stress-free.

Secure your spot, save big, and let the winter adventures begin with Secure Parking USA! All you have to use is promo code WINTER24 upon check out. This special only applies to sites with Monthly Parking and is only available for 3 months of Monthly Parking.

Click the link below to purchase your Monthly Parking in your city!

–> www.secureparkingusa.com/monthly-parking-information

Revolutionizing Parking in Milwaukee: Secure Parking USA Unveils 5 New Sites!

Revolutionizing Parking in Milwaukee: Secure Parking USA Unveils 5 New Sites!

Milwaukee, get ready for a parking revolution! Secure Parking USA is excited to announce the opening of FIVE new parking sites strategically positioned across the city. As we continue our commitment to providing unparalleled parking solutions, these new locations are designed to enhance convenience, accessibility, and overall parking satisfaction to our valued customers.

1. 522 E Wisconsin Lot
This location is situated in the heart of downtown, near numerous offices and hotels. This lot offers Monthly, Flex, and Daily parking.

2. 205 National Lot
Located in the Harbor View district, this location is right near various restaurants and bars. This lot offers Monthly, Flex, and Daily parking.

3. 525 5th St. Lot
If you love Distilleries, this is the perfect parking site for you. Conveniently located near Great Lakes Distillery & Tasting Room, it ensures that your parking experience aligns seamlessly with your plans. No more long walks or frustrating searches.This location offers Monthly, Flex, and Daily parking.

4. 506 S 3rd St. Lot
This lot is perfect for an exciting night out. Whether you’re here for ComedySportz, or Adventure Rock WKP, our new site ensures your parking experience is as delightful as your destination. Monthly, Flex, and Daily parking are available at this location.

5. Clark Garage: 633 W Wisconsin Ave
Nestled near DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, our final location is perfect for those planning to immerse themselves in the city’s best restaurants, the local library, or the Milwaukee Public Museum. Park with ease and enjoy the sites. Monthly, Flex, and Daily parking are available at this location.

Milwaukee, we’re raising the bar for parking convenience, and we’re just getting started. Secure Parking USA’s five new sites are poised to redefine how you park in the city. Discover the difference of stress-free, secure parking at these exciting locations. Welcome to the future of Milwaukee parking!

How to Experience the New Sites:

  • Visit our website at www.secureparkingusa.com.
  • Search “Milwaukee, WI”
  • Explore the details of each new location.
  • Reserve your parking spot in advance for a seamless experience.

Parking For Every Date Night in Raleigh, North Carolina

Parking For Every Date Night in Raleigh, North Carolina

Embarking on a night out in Raleigh? The last thing you want is the excitement of the town dampened by the dread of expensive parking. You could have a memorable evening ahead of you, but it gets overshadowed by the dreaded quest for parking. Secure Parking USA has you covered for whatever your parking needs may be.

Where are you parking? Where are you going?

Raleigh, North Carolina is a huge city with plenty of places to see, eat, and do! Plus, there are plenty of Secure Parking USA parking sites available. Wherever you decide to go, Secure Parking USA has a lot near you.

For example, maybe your date night includes checking out Nash Square to see the beautiful trees and then heading to the City of Raleigh Museum. You may finish your night with dinner at Death and Taxes or Capital Club 16. If this sounds like the perfect date to you, your parking is covered! You will be able to park at McClatchy Lot, Salisbury Lot, N&O Deck, or Wake Court Lot. For an overnight stay, you can stay at Sheraton Raleigh Hotel.

Maybe you don’t want to site-see, that’s okay! If you park at Ward Lot, you are right next to Epic Axe and View Bar & Gameroom. Hungry? No problem! You can eat at Oak Steakhouse or Vita Vite Downtown! If you need a place to stay for the night, The Casso Hotel is near the Ward Lot.

If you’re a theater fanatic, we still have parking for you. The Red Hat Lot is right across the street from Red Hat Amphitheater. You can do dinner at Poole’s or The Fiction Kitchen and then head to your show! Staying the night? Residence Inn by Marriott Raleigh Downtown is right next to Red Hat Amphitheater.

Perhaps, you and your date are foodies. Secure Parking has a place for you! Powerhouse Garage is smack dab in the middle of some of the most fabulous restaurants in Raleigh. We’re talking: Halcyon Bar & Lounge, Anise Pho, Tin Roof, 42nd Street Oyster Bar, and so many more sensational restaurants that are within mere steps from Powerhouse Garage.

Whatever you are looking to do for your time in Raleigh, Secure Parking USA has parking for your specific needs.

Book on our app or online and find the best parking option for you!

How To Prep For A Milwaukee Bucks Game?



How To Prep For A Milwaukee Bucks Game?

Milwaukee is an amazing city. From downtown breweries to Brewers baseball, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of our favorite places is the Fiserv Forum. The Fiserv Forum houses the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. The team has two championship titles, 3 conference titles, and 18 division titles. Let’s say you bought tickets to game and are unsure of where to park. Don’t worry, Secure Parking USA has got you covered the best parking options to make your day or evening run smoothly.

The Most Important Question: Where Do You Park?

Milwaukee parking can be overwhelming. If your game is at 4 pm on a weekday you will be hitting rush hour traffic. If you plan ahead by booking in advance with Secure Parking, it will make your evening a lot less stressful.

Secure Parking USA has several places to park near the Fiserv Forum. If you want the closest parking possible, the Highland Lot is the place for you! Highland Lot is also near some great bars and restaurants, such as: The Drink Wisconsinbly Pub, Uncle Buck’s, and Carson’s Prime Steaks. If you need a place to stay near the Forum, Aloft Milwaukee Downtown is just a block or two away.

Usinger Lot is also a very close option. It’s also near Oak Barrel Public House and Mader’s: both amazing places to eat. It’s also right next to the river, so you can get some great pictures. Usinger Lot is also an option as well.

Other options that are near the Fiserv Forum are the Journal 62 Garage and Journal 62 South Lot. Journal 62 Garage is a heated Garage. Both sites are right next to Pere Marquette Park and the Milwaukee County Historical Society. These sites are also close to some great dining, such as Major Goolsby’s and The Calderone Club. It is also right by The Hyatt Regency if you need a place to stay.

Secure Parking USA has more than 4 parking sites. If you are staying at The Pfister hotel, you can park at the Gas Light Garage and take a quick Uber to the game. Or maybe you are staying at the Kimpton Journeyman and don’t want to drive too far. You can park at 241 Broadway Lot and Uber to the game.

For every Bucks game and for every Milwaukee event, Secure Parking USA is here for your parking needs. Download or app or visit our website to secure your spot in advance.

Parking Marketing Takeover

Secure Parking USA is making some major changes! 

Our company strives to continuously make our parking sites secure, safe, and convenient, making the customer service experience as impeccable as possible. This includes making sure our customers are fully aware of our promotions, new sites, events, and more in their area. 

For this reason, Secure Parking USA is doing a total marketing takeover. Recently, our company hired Michelle Lukovic as the Marketing Director and Katy Dano as the Marketing Specialist. They both came from a strong marketing and social media background and strive to make Secure Parking USA a powerhouse in the advertising world. They take great pride in their jobs and Secure Parking USA is lucky to have them. 

The marketing team is focusing on what we all can do to present our amazing company on social media. For the foreseeable future, you will be the first to see discounts, specials, and new locations on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As we continue to grow our social media on those social platforms, we would like to expand our Social Media audience to Tik Tok and experiment with short form video content. 

You may be wondering…why is social media even important for the parking business? Well, we are able to share so much information in just a split second as well as connect with our valuable customers. You are able to learn about Monthly Parking or Parking Events in Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, or any of our locations, as well as discover what our patrons like about our parking sites at the touch of a button. Social Media allows our amazing patrons to contact and share ideas or concerns without ever calling our phone number. Secure Parking also believes that while it is important to be educational, there is so much more to social media than just work, communication and branding. Sometimes, all we want is a little entertainment at the end of the day. To brighten your day, we plan to include parking jokes, memes, Nosey content and so much more. 

One of the most important impacts of social media in today’s world lies within its ability to distribute information to the whole world. Secure Parking appreciates the fact we are able to connect with people all over the world and help them in their parking lifestyles. We are excited for our company’s future in Social Media. 

Where can you find Secure Parking USA on Social Media?

Give us a follow, a like, and a share! If you have questions about parking, you can DM us on any of these social platforms.