Secure Parking’s visionary approach to the car parking industry is a testament to its success and innovative thinking. In 1979, when the company was founded, parking facilities were typically considered as commodities with little to distinguish one from another. Secure Parking, took a different path and recognized that each parking facility should be treated as a unique retail business with its own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

This forward-thinking perspective allowed Secure Parking to stand out in the industry. By viewing parking as a retail business, the company could tailor its services and offerings to the specific needs and preferences of consumers and property owners at each location. This approach not only improved the customer experience but also enhanced the profitability of the parking facilities.

Secure Parking’s commitment to embracing new and emerging technologies and industry trends is another key factor in its success. By staying at the forefront of innovation, the company can adapt to the ever-changing needs of consumers and property owners. This adaptability ensures that Secure Parking remains competitive and relevant in a dynamic industry.

As a result of these visionary approaches, Secure Parking has earned its place as one of the most successful car park operators in the world. By recognizing the unique characteristics of each parking facility and continually integrating new technologies and trends, the company has demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional service and driving success in the car parking industry.

“Our simple goal for the past 40 years is to better understand and build relationships with our customers”

Garth Mathews - Founder

Sales & Marketing

Secure’s ecosystem of integrated systems and flow processes is the backbone of our parking service. While operational efficiency is vital, it’s our sales and marketing strategies that truly propel revenue growth. Through targeted marketing campaigns and effective sales strategies, we attract new customers and nurture existing ones. Our data-driven approach, informed by the interconnected systems, helps us tailor our efforts, enhance customer experiences, and drive loyalty. Together, these elements create a dynamic synergy that fuels our success in the parking industry.

Customer Service

At Secure Parking, the heart of our business philosophy is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that exceptional customer service is the bedrock of our reputation, and we’ve spared no effort in upholding the highest standards in this realm. This unwavering commitment defines who we are and propels us forward in the parking industry.

Operations Plan

We integrate our fundamental principles – including respect, equity, openness, and honesty – into every business transaction to guarantee the outcomes we aim for. Our Secure Parking workforce comprehends the intricacies associated with overseeing facilities of varying sizes and effectively implementing an appropriate operational strategy.

Customer Retention

Secure dedicates substantial effort to acquiring new customers, viewing it with equal importance to customer retention. Our customer retention strategy positions your location(s) for ongoing success and revenue growth.