About Us

Secure Parking, our United States branch, was founded in 2015 with a clear mission: to revolutionize the parking experience.


We’re the innovators behind Secure-a-Spot, an advanced website and mobile app created to offer effortless access to parking services, reservations, and a diverse range of parking solutions for operators nationwide.

Secure StaK

Secure StaK is our pioneering initiative in the car parking industry. Our primary goal is to collaborate with existing parking operators, enhancing their online visibility and boosting customer traffic through inventive marketing strategies.

Customized Parking Solutions

Secure-a-Spot is all about personalization. We understand that every individual’s parking needs are unique. That’s why our suite of parking products includes:

  • Monthly Parking: For those who seek convenience and affordability.
  • Flex Parking: Perfect for hybrid work schedules.
  • Early Bird Parking: Perfect for the early risers who value a hassle-free start to their day.
  • Event Parking: Ensuring a stress-free parking experience for event attendees.
  • Validation Parking: Providing smart and convenient solutions for businesses to validate customer parking.

Global Expertise, Local Commitment

What truly sets us apart is our global reach. With a presence in 15 countries, we’ve proven our ability to operate over a million car spaces, employing 15,000 dedicated staff members, and overseeing 2,500 parking facilities. This extensive network allows us to deliver unparalleled support and efficiency to our customers, all while maintaining our commitment to local excellence.

Elevating the Parking Experience

We believe that parking can be more than just a necessity; it can be an enjoyable experience. At Secure Parking USA, we take immense pride in the success of our Sales and Marketing program. Our innovation extends to new rewards programs, exciting giveaways, irresistible promotions, and heartfelt customer appreciation gestures that go the extra mile in making parking an enjoyable part of your day.

It’s the little things that matter, and we are dedicated to making a big difference in your parking experience.

A Promise of Ongoing Innovation

Our promise to you is an ongoing commitment to innovative parking solutions. We’ll continue to develop fresh and advanced approaches to parking that cater to every type of parking customer, ensuring your experience with us is always on the cutting edge of convenience and satisfaction.

Secure Parking USA, is more than just a parking service provider. We are dedicated to personalization, global expertise, and ensuring that parking is not merely a task but an unforgettable part of your day. Join us in transforming parking into an enjoyable experience where convenience meets a smile. Secure Parking USA: Redefining the Way You Park.