Hourly Parking



A parking option that saves downtown workers even more money!

Available Monday before 9AM – Friday, when you book online with Secure-A-Spot.

Entry date/time selected must be for a time before 9:00AM Monday.  Availability, rates, and timeframes will vary per location.

Check the location you wish to park at by using Find Parking tool.

Hourly Parking – FAQ

How do I pay for hourly parking
Hourly parking can be purchased on the homepage of the website or directly on site.

Paying on site: Scan the QR code on signage and select your desired rate option

Paying online: Paying on the app or website, you can use the search bar to search for your address or the address of your desired parking facility and select the single session option

Where can I view hourly rates?
Our hourly parking rates vary based on the location, rates can be view directly on our website or on the secure a spot app.
Can I park overnight with hourly parking?
Overnight parking varies per location.  his varies per location.  Refer to the on-site signage for more information.
Are there any restrictions on oversized vehicles?
When parking an oversized vehicle, you will need to pay per space the vehicle takes up.
Can I book a spot in advance?
Hourly parking can be booked up to 14 days in advance.
In and Out Privileges?
Hourly and Flex parking does not include in and out privileges.  Only Monthly parkers are able to enter and exit the facility multiple times.  Once you are parked your space will not be guaranteed if you choose to leave and return later during the same parking transaction.
What payment options are available for hourly parking?
We accept credit card payments only.
I paid for parking and received a violation
Visit the violations link and dispute the violation.  On your dispute submission, provide your violation number and license plate and we will help resolve this quickly.
Secure Parking offers refunds on hourly parking if the customer reaches out atleast 24 hours prior to the designated purchase time.