Your Violation Dispute Has Been Submitted

The Violations Bureau has received your violation dispute and is under review.  Violation revisions take up to 3-5 business days.  

If an appeal is deemed valid, the violation fees will either be reduced or voided, dependent on the details of the case. If an appeal is deemed invalid, the Violation Notice will be required to pay in full. All rulings are final and not subject to secondary appeal.

If a Violation Notice has not been appealed within ten (10) days, its associated fees will be considered valid, not open to appeal, and will not be reviewed. If a second violation occurs before payment of the first violation the vehicle will be subject to immobilization and/or tow. If immobilized, a removal fee of one hundred ($100) dollars and a hold of two hundred ($200) will be placed on the payment method used to make payment until the immobilization device is returned/removed, assessed and confirmed to not be damaged. The hold will be removed in twenty-four to forty-eight (24-48) business hours. Collection Notices are sent after sixty (60) days of outstanding payment and are not subject to appeal.