If you are setting this account up on behalf of another person, the account holder and/or user(s) assumes all risks.

Subscription parking with “Secure” (Secure Parking USA LLC also known as Secure-a-Spot) operates as a recurring fee – renewing on the same day each time period selected (i.e. a one month subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 6/3, 7/3, etc.).

After purchase, please refer to your confirmation email receipt for more instructions on when your subscription is fully activated and you can begin parking. Your confirmation email is sent within 24 – 48hrs from purchase time.



By purchasing a subscription, and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to have your parking subscription automatically renew based on length of subscription selected. You also agree to have your credit card information stored by our third-party credit card processing provider. We do not store any of your financial information – we only store what is needed for account setup (Name, email, phone, license plate, etc.).




The subscriber is responsible for keeping all personal information on the account up to date. If, for any reason, you need to change information, simply log onto your account and update your information.

All parking pass information will be provided on the initial confirmation email; parking passes will differ between locations. As the subscriber you will be responsible to follow the instructions listed with your specific parking type and location. If a violation is received for improper use of parking pass or failure to display, the violation will be the responsibility of the subscriber.



If, at any time, you would like to cancel your subscription, you may do so with no cancellation fee. You must cancel before renewal if you do not wish to continue parking, cancellations will not be accepted via email or phone. Upon cancellation of your parking subscription, your renewals will be halted, but you will still have full use of your parking subscription until the end of that term period. There are no refunds once a subscription is purchased, even if you cancel prior to the subscription end date. Rates are subject to change at any given time. Notice will be provided via email for any changes prior to any renewal.

When cancelling your subscription, you will be responsible to return any passes provided by Secure to the address provided on your cancellation notice. Failure to return your pass in the required time frame will result in lost pass fees.

If you use commuter benefits to pay parking, the commuter benefit company is not affiliated with Secure as such billing issues and cancellations need to be handled separately. Secure cannot reach out on your behalf for unpaid balances, refunds, or cancellations about your account to the commuter company. (i.e., WageWorks, Commuter Pay, Commuter Benefit).




Subscription fees are set rate that will automatically renew unless a cancellation form has been completed.  If a promotion is used at sign up the promotion will apply per the terms of the promotional code.  Once the promotion has completed the term the subscription fees will revert automatically to the standard monthly fees of your selected parking location.
If a price increase takes effect on your account, Secure Parking will give at minimum a 1 week notice prior to your subscription renewal of the price change.
All monthly accounts will have a startup fee applied at time of purchase.
All monthly subscriptions will be charged a monthly $3 service fee per account. 

Failure to make payment within 10 days of your renewal date will result in your parking subscription being paused and will result in late fees and ticketing or towing. Change is reflected in our enforcement systems immediately. After 30 days of non-payment your account will be terminated.





Subscriptions can have up to 2 vehicles associated with the account, but only 1 vehicle can be on the location at any given time.

PARKING IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. You cannot transfer parking to other locations. If you cannot park at your location, contact the customer service number on your invoice.




Subscribers agree to follow the instructions of any facility/lot personnel and/or posted signage. Vehicles must not be parked in such a way as to block traffic lanes or violate any laws or regulations. Vehicles may not be parked for promotional purposes on the lot without express written permission of Secure.

Secure is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to you, your vehicle, or its contents. Customers are advised to lock vehicle doors and to remove any valuables from plain view. All lots and garages are parked in at your own risk.

Secure Parking USA LLC reserves the right to terminate this subscription for any reason.